How to book your holiday in Murcia

It's Easy to Get Connected!

Booking your perfect self catering holiday rental in Murcia, Spain is easy. We have a wide selection of luxury Murcia villas with pools for you to rent. Simply complete the following five steps:

1.   Search for your perfect holiday rental via our search fields or, if you know it, simply enter the reference number of the property you want to book.

2.   Check availability

3.   Send us an enquiry

4.   Connect Rentals will contact you either by email or phone

5.   Connect Rentals will send you booking form

This email is delivered directly to us and we will also add your email address to its mailing list. This list is used exclusively by us for newsletters and special offer notices. Connect Rentals mailing list is not given, sold or lent to any third party. If you wish to have your email address removed from the list, please click remove or contact us directly. See our privacy policy for more information.

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