What holiday renters look for

With Summer fast approaching here is a list of things that holiday makers really look for in villas to rent in Murcia

Welcome Pack

Offering a welcome pack with the basics such as milk and bread is a nice touch and will increase the likelihood of people renting your villa again in years to come. Here at Connect Rentals we even offer alcohol in our welcome packs as it allows guest to have a nice relaxing drink after a long journey.

WIFI and Internet Access

Everyone nowadays has a smartphones or a laptop and not all people can take time off from work whilst on holiday, so having internet access can be very important to them. It will also allow them to share photos from their holiday in Murcia before they have even returned to the UK.

Games Consoles

Parents are always on the look out for villas with games consoles, as even the nicest villa with a private pool cant keep children interested and occupied for the entire holiday.

DVD Player

DVD players are great for families, who want to relax in the evening.

Satellite TV

Since these are golf villas in Murcia they are likely to attract sport fan, therefore having access to sports shows in the villa will be a good selling point.

IPod Dock

Everyone has an iPod and music is a great way to relax and in enjoy the lovely weather.

A Safe

Somewhere that renters can store their valuables is always appreciated for the days when they are out enjoying the sights of Murcia and the surrounding area.

Hair Dryer

Its is not always possible to pack everything you need so having some essentials such as a hairdryer in you holiday rental will be well received by renters.

All of these extras are likely to make to make your luxury villa in Murcia more appealing to renters and more enjoyable for them whilst they are in resort.

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